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From Math To Muscles: Four Ways Music Encourages Success

From the first time you place a pair of headphones over your pregnant belly to the moment you sing the first lullaby to your newborn child, music can be an integral part of your son or daughter’s upbringing.  If you are looking for a way to give your child an edge up when it comes to his or her academics or social skills, you will be happy to know that taking piano or guitar lessons can greatly enhance a youth’s brainpower. Here are a few reasons why.

Music and Math Go Hand in Hand

Music is constructed of rhythms to count and patterns to recognize. As you read music, you also are introduced to the ideas of dividing and fractions. Think about time signature (for example, a piece written in 3/4 time or the more complicated 5/8) or counting how many quarter notes fit into a particular measure. It’s no wonder that students of music also show advanced mathematics ability during testing.

Music is a Social Exercise

Enrolling a child in a group ensemble encourages him or her to learn how to a) work as a team and b) find his or her own place within a larger entity. Musicians in a band constantly have to check how they are playing against the music of their peers to reach the desired effect and dynamics. It may feel counter-intuitive when you think of musicians spending hours practicing alone, but learning an instrument could greatly enhance a child’s social skills.

Music Works with Muscles

Many a musician will tell you that he has developed a keen muscle memory for his chosen instrument, whether that be through recognizing the frets of a guitar or tickling the keys of a piano. Brass players develop stronger jaw and mouth muscles while piano players can work to become more ambidextrous. Through learning both coordination and timing, taking music lessons could translate to improved athletic functions as well.

Music Lessons Aid Older Generations

 A Eurekalert study has shown that learning an instrument can increase memory and decrease instances of the typical senility that comes with old age. If you are hoping to bless your child with a long-term gift, consider giving her those guitar lessons she so often asks for. The years of practice could create new neuropathways that will compensate for typical age-related decline.

Encouraging a child, whether through music lessons, reading, or play is important for his or her overall development. By starting with music lessons at a young age, your child could learn valuable and unexpected skills to help him or her succeed in school and in social settings. You might also look into various instruments. Contact a company like Pimentel & Sons Guitars to learn more about what would be appropriate.

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