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Fixing A Used Leather Jacket

If you just bought a leather jacket from a consignment store or flea market, it is bound to have a few damaged areas that you will want to repair. Purchasing leather second-hand can give you a nice looking jacket at a cheap price. You can fix any irregularities on your own with a quick trip to your local craft store. In no time you will be sporting the look of luxury at a fraction of the cost! Here are some instructions for you to use to repair a second-hand leather jacket.

Clean The Fabric

You will want to give your jacket a thorough cleaning before you attempt to make any repairs. Since it was not originally owned by you, it will be unclear what kind of dirt or grime may be lurking in the folds of the material. To remove stains, use a toothbrush to gently scrub the areas with a mixture of water and mild detergent. This will remove any cigarette smoke film and other contaminants. 

Matching Colors

Bring your jacket with you when you visit a craft store. You will want to match up the color of the leather as closely as possibly with a leather repair kit. If there are any larger rips or holes, you will want to match the color of a patch that can be placed over the area to hide it. Pick up a package of leather glue while you are visiting the store.

Filling In Small Holes

Small holes can be filled in with the materials you will find in a leather repair kit. First trim any small threads from around the ripped area. Use a cotton swab to apply the coloring over the areas that have tears, making sure to smooth it into place over the existing leather so the material will blend in properly. This will need to dry for the amount of time specified on the kit instructions. You can put another layer on after it has dried to build up the material over the ripped area, making it less likely to tear further in the future.

Fixing Bigger Holes

Bigger tears will need to be patched over completely with a cloth patch. Trim the threads around the rip and place the patch on the interior of the broken section. If your leather jacket has a lining, you will need to trim the patch to fit over the exterior of the ripped area. This will not be as hidden, but it will keep the rip from becoming worse. You can use leather glue to adhere the patch into place.

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